Whale Family Sewing Pattern - PDF Download
Whale Family Sewing Pattern - PDF Download
Whale Family Sewing Pattern - PDF Download

Whale Family Sewing Pattern - PDF Download

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Using my digital files, you can print your pattern at home or your local copy shop. (Please note that since a digital file is sent almost immediately after payment there can be no refunds on PDF purchases.)

This sewing pattern includes not one, but two different sizes of whales! The large size whale makes a charming accent cushion for any age and the small size is perfect for little ones to cuddle with!

The large size whale measures 20 x 12 inches (50 x 30cm) and the small whale measures 12 x 6 inches (30 x 15cm). My original design uses simple pattern pieces to allow you to practise skills such as pinning and sewing curves, top stitching and a small amount of hand stitch finishing.


After you complete your purchase, you will first be emailed a confirmation of purchase, then a few minutes later a second email with a link to your file which you will be able to download up to 3 times. The Whale Family pattern comes in three parts:

  • Step by step, illustrated instructions. If you would like to save paper, you don’t have to print this out; simply refer to the instructions on your screen.
  • The sewing pattern in letter or A4 format for use on any home printer.
  • The sewing pattern in a large “copy shop” file, formatted to a standard 36 x 24 inches.

If you would like to save yourself time from taping and assembling my patterns at home, you can print the larger copyshop files at any copyshop with a large format printer. Any print shop who prepares prints for architects will be able to print our files; look under the local yellow pages for “blueprints”. I've included a message typed on the copyshop pattern making it permissible to print copies for individual use.


  • My copyshop files are copyright protected and can be viewed and printed from a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat or Reader, or Mac Preview.
  • The copyshop must print at “no scaling” or 100% scaling to ensure the scale is correct.