Shipping FAQS

My kits have been specifically designed to ship as inexpensively as possible, which means individually they can all fit through Canada Post Oversize Letter Mail. A few of the thinner kits can sometimes be packaged two in one envelope.

Two or more kits are usually too thick for letter mail and then become "Parcels" which comes with tracking but also with a higher rate that varies depending on how far it has to travel. I'm on the Atlantic Coast so sending even a light parcel to British Columbia is more than $20.

This is my policy:

• Canadian orders of one to three kits will be sent in separate envelopes (if necessary) via Letter Mail. 

• If my website bumps the charged rate to parcel due to the total weight of your purchase then I will refund the difference back to you. My Canadian parcel flat rate is $18 but I refund shipping overages of $3 or more.


Trying to keep costs low and kits accessible for as many as possible!

Rita. :)