What is Rita Van Tassel Studio all about?

Craft and design have always played key roles in my life, from the time I received a Crayola Caddy for Christmas through to my formal education at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and subsequent years as an Art teacher. Understanding how others learn and wanting to encourage creativity and skill-building has been a common theme through most of my employment history, and Rita Van Tassel Studio is truly a culmination of all my years of experience.

I'll be designing and publishing sewing patterns and craft projects, starting with my Whale Family. You'll see a lot of my own interests surface in my side projects which I'll share with you through my Instagram (spoiler alert - you'll be seeing a lot of Muppets).

One of the best aspects of the online craft and sewing community is it's generosity. I could lost for days watching people's Stories and scrolling through accounts and hashtags of incredible completed projects, tips and hacks that Makers share. That same spirit is one I want to embrace in my practise and I can not WAIT to see the versions that you'll produce! 

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