rita van tassel studio octopus
rita van tassel studio octopus
rita van tassel studio octopus
rita van tassel studio octopus

Octopus Soft Sculpture - Abstract Pink Diamond Fabric

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Do you have a love for all things whimsical, imaginative and at least a bit unexpected? Yeah, I thought so. Me too. :)

These octopuses are an embodiment of all those things with a big splash of pattern and colour thrown in for good measure. I describe my pieces as "soft sculpture" but not in order to sound pretentious or make them more precious than they're intended to be. The idea is to communicate that they're not just "toys" for kids - they're playful objects for all ages (the term "adult toys" has already been taken). 

Octopuses are incredible creatures both aesthetically and biologically and I devoted months of my time to develop a solid sewing pattern to honour that. A strong wire armature has been installed inside so that each arm can be posed independently of the others. This means that your octopus can stand, wrap around a banister, bed frame or nearest tree branch. It can hold toy ships like a giant sea monster as easily as it can wrap protectively around a child's arm to help keep nightmares away while they sleep.

Each octopus is stitched with cotton fabric, filled with poly stuffing and have wire armature assembled entirely by me. The sample in the photo represents the fabric pattern you'll be getting but since it will not be the actual one pictured expect some small variations. 

Measurement from the base to the top of the head is 12 inches / 30cm. Fully extended arm tip to arm tip is 30 inches / 76cm. 

Don't forget that you also have the option of purchasing the sewing pattern - either physical or pdf download) and making one or more yourself!